The world is preparing to reopen for tourists in 2021

After a difficult year, the sky seems clearer once more. As airlines start to reopen for business and tourism surges back in with a new force – it’s time to decide where to travel next!

Find the best destinations in just a couple of clicks, with a trustworthy travel agent by your side! Get the best deals, just in time, to the most fantastical destinations across the globe.

Benefit from all the re-opening opportunities and breathe new life into your day-to-day life with a few excellent suggestions from yours truly.

Safety first

Nobody wants to get their foot out of the door, and immediately turn up sick. That’s why health stays one of the foremost priorities – for you, and us. There are many ways airlines ensure you will have a safe flight, from air filtering to adjusting the seats themselves to better accommodate health risks.

The added safety measures will ensure a safe and pleasant trip for all passengers. Naturally, Skywithclass will adjust your trip according to your exact needs – and find an airline that is suitable for you.

Best deals

As a luxury travel agency, Skywithclass specializes in figuring out the perfect opportunities for travel to amazing places. We will help you find a path forward to your dream destination, without spending one penny more than you must.

Now, with everything being a grand reopening, you can be certain there will be plenty of deals that we’re keeping an eye out for.

We’re sure you have at least one place you’d like to visit, after all this time. Ask us – we may have the keys to getting there, comfortably and affordably. What better time to cash in your air miles or spend a bit extra on an unforgettable experience?

Mesmerizing opportunities

Rejoice! Most tourist attractions are back in full swing or will be soon. From the beautiful romance of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris to the mysterious and imposing Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, all the way to the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic – there’s something for everyone!

Choose from myriads of suggestions from our trusted travel agency consultants, or pick your favorite and let us help you get there tomorrow, for cheap! Take back the reins of your life and visit that place you’ve always meant to, but could never find the time – now’s the perfect opportunity for it.

A touch above

Skywithclass is a 1st class travel consultant, meaning we will be happy to service personal and professional business and first-class trips alike. We will find you unique opportunities unavailable anywhere else, online or offline, with an attractive price tag.

Thinking of booking first-class for the first time? Now is the time! The ticket prices will be at an all-time low, leading to extensive opportunities for tasting the best of what the world has to offer.

Indulge yourself a little – it’s affordable, as well as impossible to reproduce.

Destination trips

Ever wanted to visit France’s countryside and sip from genuine Champagne? Now you can! With Air France’s business class deals, it’s more appealing than ever! Choose your target country and find out the best offers available, in just a couple of clicks. Our localized agents will provide you with a bounty of information to make the best decision possible.

Enjoy the benefits of international travel now that it’s possible once more. With flying becoming safe once more, mingling with different people across the globe is easier than ever. Visit your friends and family across different continents, at highly affordable rates!


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