Moving Business Outdoors During The Covid-19 Pandemic

One silver lining of the Covid-19 pandemic: humans and businesses can learn to evolve and adapt to extreme types of situations. Without question, the almost two-year-long pandemic has affected every business in some way, sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the worse. Small businesses have been hit the hardest. However, certain types of businesses — like restaurants and bars — found creative ways to keep their businesses afloat: utilizing outdoor and less virus-contracting spaces. If your business can function in a limited outdoor setting, here are some things you might need to consider.

Weather Protection

Obviously, moving your business outdoors must be in the right climate and time of year; trying to eat food in ten-degree weather is not ideal. If your business is in an area with a temperate climate or if the weather is ideal, moving some of your business outside can be beneficial. However, customers still need to be protected from external elements. Outdoor seating, umbrellas and awnings, external heaters, and fans should be placed around the area for guests. Buying these items can be expensive, so look into renting whatever you can to save more on your expenses.

Safety Barriers

An extra precaution that must be taken for outdoor business is safety from traffic and other forms of transportation. Public sidewalks, one-way streets, and parking lots can be utilized when moving business outside; however, cars, bikes, and other vehicles are in constant contact with these areas. Making sure that customers are protected and don’t need to worry about these external problems is vital. Safety barriers, tape, and fencing are some ways to solve this problem. If you need K-rails or any other kind of safety equipment, contact OTW, the road safety professionals for more information at

Proper Approval

Lastly, but most importantly, getting the proper approval to move your business outdoors is important. Moving tables, benches, and chairs out into the streets isn’t as simple as it sounds. State laws, ordinances, and regulations will determine what you can and can’t do in regards to moving a service outside. If the new outdoor area is on your business’s property, getting approval should be easier or not needed at all. Certain counties, cities, and towns have opened up streets to allow for outside businesses. Ask your local municipalities about this option so you don’t accidentally break any codes or ordinances on accident. If your ideal outdoor area is overly cluttered, consider hiring a junk removal service. Here are the main reasons why more businesses are relying on junk removal services today.

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