How should I start using LinkedIn for my business?

LinkedIn is a networking platform through which businesses and individuals can meet and share trusted contacts. With over 450 million global members, across all sectors and industries, it can be used for a variety of functions, including as a recruitment tool.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of a kind – it is the biggest and most established online network dedicated to business. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn requires members to know each other, or to be introduced by another trusted member, before they can connect. This forms a basis of trust. Members need to do two things to benefit from LinkedIn: create a profile and then to establish presence by interacting with other users and publishing blogs, job vacancies and other valuable information.

Create a profile

It takes seconds to create an account and within a few hours you could have a profile worth sharing. Make sure you compete the summary and include plenty of information about your experience, what you do, and what you are interested in doing in the future.

Consider it an online CV – honesty is essential! You can link to your business website – if you do not have one, check out web design in Belfast from companies such as – and other social media pages. Do not forget to include a professional-looking photograph. You can then begin making connections by importing your email and phone contacts.

You can create a basic page for your business in addition to your personal page. These can then be linked together so that your personal connections will click through and connect to your business.

Stay active and engaged

Once you have set up your LinkedIn account, it is important to regularly update it. Writing a blog or posting useful and informative articles and generally staying active and involved will keep your page interesting.

As your page grows, you are likely to start receiving connection requests. It is vital that you only accept these if you know them, there is a mutual connection, or there is a strong benefit to connecting.

To make your profile even more impressive, you can ask connections you have worked with to provide you with a testimonial. Having such recommendations goes a long way towards increasing trust and credibility in the LinkedIn world.

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