Top Small Business Apps that will help you grow

Coming up with a business structure is not that difficult as surviving the doldrums of it. From tackling everyday office scuffle to HR (Human Resources) issues, you have to be spot on to douse any engulfing situation. So, to tackle any such misadventure, one needs to be well aware of his surrounding, be it about technology news or new government policies, everything needs to be given required attention.


There are times when you just can’t come-up victorious in every stuff you try. Stay calm and try few of the below mentioned productivity apps that can assist you in managing your workflow in a better and systematic way. I would like to add one more thing, the credibility of business apps will largely depend upon your business apparatus. If your business is a newbie in the market, you can rely on available business apps, but if you have a huge business house then you require some tailor-made inputs from professionals.


  1. Evernote

Evernote has everything that a company needs to take care of. It let you change the way you organize your professional projects. The utility includes creating to-do lists, adding images, taking notes, scan documents with your camera, take handwritten notes, make sketches and much more. The app also offers its business version for $12, which obviously includes some added features.

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  1. Toggl

Keeping track of your time in any business operation is a must-do thing. Toggl perfectly fits in such a scenario. It is one of the leading timesheet apps for tracking work hours. One can log task times into timer and get reports depending upon the time usage. The app offers to sync time logs to the cloud, from where you can track everything on any web platform.

Initially, Toggl comes free for five users and if you wish to increase the workforce in your company, you need to shell out $5 per user, which will let you enjoy some added features.

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  1. Basecamp

If the business is all about project-management then Basecamp is the answer for it. One can create workflow calendars to better administration. This app lets you attach files, invite collaborators, chat within projects, track your progress, and create checklists.

The app offers a 30-day trial, after which the plan starts at $99 a month. Basecamp is updated with new features like new themes, tweaked page menu and few more.

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  1. Nimble Social Relationship CRM

Every business needs social media presence and Nimble has it all. It is a complete relationship manager and personal Agenda tool that combines your phone’s contacts and calendars without getting you involved. The app also aids you to effectively follow up and follow through with your contacts via automated reminders.

The best part is that it collaborate your personal interest with Gmail and Outlook. But all these features come at a price of $12 per user.

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  1. PayPal

The app is ideal for small business set-ups. Paypal is the pioneer of online payments which supports peer-to-peer money transfer app that requires you to login to this app. The plus point here is, it offers no contract, no monthly fees, and above all, a strong suite of tools for merchants to sell virtually anywhere, anytime.

The only visible downside of this app is that transactions made through this app won’t send money directly to your account. At first, the money will be transferred into your Paypal account and after that, you can further send it to your bank.

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