The Best Approach to Make a Photo Card Online

Nothing shows your care and compassion to loved ones like sending a customized photo card, especially during the festive season. In the past, people have made these cards by hand using printed photos and glue. However, technology has now made it possible to create eye-catching photo cards in just a few minutes. The process has been made simple and efficient. The next time we approach the holidays, Christmas cards by Mixbook is the best option.

Common Types of Photo Cards

There are several types of cards you can print your photos on. The first option will be the orientation you want to choose; then you can go on to the layout and theme. The types include:

  • Folded photo cards: They are suitable for special occasions. Examples include thank you, Easter, and baptism photo cards.  They are an elegant option and can be personalized further by adjusting their orientation, size, and layout. Websites will give you a choice of single fold, gatefold, or tri-fold.
  • Flat photo cards: The card size, in this case, determines the overall layout. They are the most popular and can be created as postcards or a plain back to give you more room for writing text. These cards are suitable for announcement cards, graduation, or save-the-date photo cards. The list of themes for further personalization is endless.
  • DLE cards: This type allows more room for photos and texts. They are a little different from the other types. Mixbook includes envelopes with these types of photo cards.

How to Make Photo Cards Online

Designing a photo card online is so easy that you can do it as a fun activity with a family member. Here are simple guidelines:

  1. Choose and upload your favorite photos

Go through your entire gallery or folder to choose the favorite photos. This will also create a great chance to view your memories from family reunions to travel adventures. You have to consider the photos’ quality and orientation for a good appearance of your photo card. Highlight the best one that will be featured or put on the cover.

  1. Choose a theme

According to the occasion, choose the right theme that suits you. A wedding photo card cannot have the same theme as a graduation or Christmas card. Use the templates provided to choose the right design. You should also have the number of photos to be included in mind prior for easier design selection. The number of photos will determine the overall layout and size of your card.

iii.         Personalize your card

The website gives you a chance to write a text when personalizing the photo card. Make sure the statement is simple and just the right size. You will have the option to choose foil or glitter to give your card more elegance and flair.

Once you have completed the whole process, view your card, and finish the order. Choose Mixbook to make your card stand out from the crowd. They offer a whole variety of templates to make sure you have the best experience. Surprise your loved ones with a personalized photo card this Christmas season.

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