Taxing Advice for Your Small Business

One of the things small business owners should pay attention to all year long is the reporting they will have to do when it’s time to pay taxes.  What  you deduct and when  you deduct it baffles small business owners every day.  Having an accountant on speed dial is not always possible so many are turning to online software programs to handle this sensitive chore for them.  Less than 10% of filers stubbornly cling to the days of yore when taxes were prepared by hand.  More than a quarter of all filers use software such as the excellent programs by H&R Block to prepare their taxes now.  H&R Block has software that allows you to snap a pic of your W2 and upload it.  Their exclusive Refund Reveal lets you see how much you’ll get back, and Data Security protects your sensitive financial information so you can feel secure.  To get started, you select the category that best suits you, i.e., business owner, self-employed –  and you’ll be guided to the program that fits your needs.

There has also been a dip in the number of people using accountants or bookkeepers moonlighting as tax preparers in favor of easy to use software such as you’ll find from H&R Block.  Nearly a third of all taxes are done online.  If you decide to use the services of an online provider, check Groupon first.  They have money saving discounts that can be applied to your purchase of H&R Block software.

Start preparing early for tax season, or purchase software that prompts you to earmark expenses so they are categorized properly.  There’s excellent products made by H&R Block to help you do this and right now you can use a Groupon coupon to purchase products and save 35% off the list price.  H&R Block offers services small business owner find helpful such as online filing for free, 10% off online filing software, online tax calculators, and free tax-audit support.  There’s even a code you can use if you decide you want to visit an office to do your taxes in person.  All year long there are ways Groupon and H&R Block can save you money as you prepare for the inevitable tax season.  This year don’t go it alone.  Put that abacus down, grind your pencil to a nub and get with the program.  The H&R Block online program that is.

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