Making your own personalized doormat.

A good quality doormat is essential for every home because of a variety of benefits. It helps to clean mud from the soles of shoes and slippers, as well as removing moisture and dirt from your home.

Place a durable, outdoor doormat outdoors if you have tile, wood, marble, or tile flooring. You can save a lot of money. It protects your floor against dirt and moisture that can damage your floor’s lifespan. It’s great for pets as well, as it allows them to wash their feet and clean up any dirt or mud that may get in your home.

Five easy steps to making a DIY doormat

  1. Download your door mat design

Open design space and download your preferred design as a svg. Adjust the size to make it suitable for your mat. Measure the width, height and depth to find the right fit. You can choose to resize your image so it takes up too much space, or place it in the center.

You can either look for examples online or draw your own. Quick tip! Use bold fonts and avoid using thin lines for the best results. It is important to set the base material of design space as freezer papers and then load your fine-point blade.

  1. Cut freezer paper on cricut machine

The freezer paper comes with a waxed shiny side that can be attached to the material temporarily, making it ideal for stencils. The freezer paper can be used to make multiple mats and the rest can be used for other projects.

Place the shiny edge of your freezer paper down onto the mat. You can place it on your cricut machine and press the flashing cricut mat to start cutting. Once the work is completed, remove it from the cricut machine. With a weeding tong, remove the letters. Small pieces should remain on the mat. After removing the freezer papers, place the stencil onto the mat. Place the stencil down on the mat to ensure that the design is properly centered.

  1. Make a transfer stencil and iron your freezer paper to the mat

Turn off the steam, and heat the iron to highest setting. The iron should be used to attach the freezer newspaper. For approximately 30 seconds, press each section of the freezer paper until it adheres to the mat’s fibres.

  1. Stencil paint your doormat

You will use a stencil brush to paint up and down the stencil’s interior. The stencil should be covered with a stencil brush to ensure that no paint bleeds underneath. Cover the entire design with paint and let it dry for approximately 10 to 15 mins before adding a second layer. To make it bolder or more vibrant, you may add a third layer of paint.

Allow the paint time to dry. Once the paint has dried, take the stencil off to reveal your finished doormat.

  1. Seal your personalised doormat

Mod podge outdoor sealant can also be used to seal your mat. You can use the decoupage glue to attach a variety items.

High-quality personalised entry mats

Ultimate Mats offer a wide variety of stunning outdoor and indoor floor mats. These mats will last and protect your flooring. These mats can be used daily and feature natural absorbency and scraping capabilities. You can also buy personalized door mats. They are ideal for adding personality to your home and make great gifts.

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