How To Optimize Your Company’s Floor Plan

Many companies have ditched the cubicle in favor of open office floor plans that many people believe allow for more communication and teamwork among employees. However, many employees report higher levels of stress and lower rates of productivity due to noise and distractions in the work environment. If you’re considering what office style best suits your businesses needs, this article is for you.

Consider The Needs Of Your Company and Employees

The very first thing you should consider is how much you require teamwork from your employees to complete tasks, and if there are alternatives to meeting those goals that don’t involve engaging your employee during their entire shift at work. The open floor plan reemerged from tech companies who wanted to engage their employees with one another in order to complete projects. While this can work for many different companies, it can actually hinder the progression of projects if teamwork is not a fundamental component. Focus on what your employees think about their current projects, think critically about the objectives needed for completion of specific projects, and do a cost-benefit analysis of the decrease of productivity that usually correlates with the increase of socialization.

Resolve Growth Issues With Design

If you find that your company is still having issues with projected development, it may be a good idea to reconsider your design choices. After assessing their opinions, if your employees express a decrease in productivity due to distractions, consider looking for used cubicles Los Angeles to fulfill the needs of those employees by implementing incremental changes. While cubicles are now out of vogue, they can still provide a quieter distraction-free environment where employees can concentrate. If you’re questioning whether these changes will be helpful for the entire office, focus on making small changes and analyzing the response from employees. Instead of focusing on changing the entire office, start off with small rooms where employees that need to concentrate can get away and focus on their work. Keep some open work spaces for teams working together on projects.

Track The Productivity Of Design Changes

After making design changes in the office, track the efficacy of those changes by using data on the productivity of your employees and  your progress towards goals with data collected before those changes were made. Within a few months, take note of the response from your employees, and keep tracking statistical data on growth patterns. In most cases, the data will show a correlation between the intended goal and the actual result.


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