How Businesses Should Protect their Employees

More than half of all US-based organizations are affected by workplace violence, and they have taken up measures to ensure that people working for them are protected against all forms of abuse. Some of the most effective ways on how to curb violence inside the workplace would be the establishment of strict policies that would be followed by the employees. Training them to comply with the policy would help the employees gain a better understanding of what workplace violence means and how it affects their productivity.


The first thing that the employees would have to do is to report any acts of violence or threats that they have experienced inside the workplace. Communication is the key to resolving problems related to workplace violence, and the management should listen to all sides when an issue arises. There should also be a clear procedure on what the employees would do if they experienced violence or threats inside the workplace. The management will have to work with the human resources department and the security department in resolving issues related to workplace violence and provide the adequate consequences to the person involved. Then, the management should assess the workplace and identify the potential hazards. They should also look for risk factors that might affect the number of violence-related incidents inside the workplace.


Business organizations should also help their members to know more about how threatening situations unfold, and they should also encourage their members to seek for help if they are being threatened. When disasters arise, the members of an organization should also have an idea where the escape routes are, to help them seek for safety. If possible, the management should also work with the law enforcement, especially if the incident resulted in serious injuries or criminal acts, and the management should have a direct contact with emergency services if the victim would need medical attention. Other times, the assistance from counselors is needed for those who have a traumatizing experience.


Workplace violence prevention would help save lives, as the management is highly responsible for training the employees on how to be alert whenever violence occurs inside the workplace. All the members of an organization must be aware of the crimes committed in the workplace, and everyone should disseminate information about a clear communication procedure if violence arises. Everyone should also know the location of panic buttons, fire alarms, and other devices meant to protect them. Employees should also engage in self-defense training that would protect them from attackers, and they should also know how to deal with violent people.


Whenever violence arises inside the workplace, the management is responsible for investigating the incident and report it to the authorities depending on its gravity. There should be a review concerning previous incidents and correlating them to one another to determine if the attacks are related. The management should also visit the area immediately, taking up the testaments from the victims and the witnesses. Determine the cause of the incident would also help a lot in resolving the case and making sure that it would not happen again.

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