Different Ways Your Business Can Use Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is fast rising in popularity in different businesses. From lighting up scented candles, to using hotel air freshener, to installing scent diffuser equipment, more and more marketers and retailers are appreciating the benefits of using scent marketing.

And as the scent marketing industry progresses, companies are discovering more ways to enhance customer experience through scent. Through innovation, they are able to establisher stronger connection with consumers, reach more audience, and better promote their brand.

What is it about scent that makes it so effective? How does it create an emotional bridge between customers and retailers?

Perhaps you have already walked into a restaurant and a certain aroma reminded you of your childhood days. Maybe when you walked past a café, you were enticed by the aroma to buy a cup of coffee and pastries. This is because the sense of smell can affect 70% of our emotions. Our olfactory system has a direct connection to our brain’s limbic system or the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories. As a result, certain aromas can be strongly and quickly associated with memories from the past.

As we all know, most of our buying decisions are made with our emotions. This is why strategically using a scent can affect a buyer’s purchasing decision in just a few minutes. Here are different ways scent can positively impact your business:

Improve sales

One of the best reasons use scent marketing is a hit is because it can increase your sales, which is basically the main goal of every business there is. By aligning a scent marketing strategy to the business’ overall marketing strategy, you can create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for your consumers. This means that even the use of hotel air freshener or scented candles must be put into consideration. For some companies, this reason is more than enough to convince them to use scent marketing in their business.

Influence customer behavior

You can use scent to improve the mood of your customers as they walk around your retail store. It will help them feel relaxed, optimistic, and ready to purchase. Aside from retail, you can also use scent to relieve tension or stress – this is particularly helpful in medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals. High stress environments like offices can also use scent to help their staff or employees more relaxed.

Eliminate foul odors

In business facilities, there are areas that are really hard to keep smelling fresh and clean like the restrooms or trash rooms. To ensure your customers wouldn’t catch of these foul odors you can use fragrances to mask these smells. Other businesses such as a gym can also use it not just to eliminate foul smells but to promote health and well-being as well.

Improve perception of quality

According to research, customers are more willing to spend on products when they are scented as compared to those that are not. This is because scent can affect customer’s overall shopping experience. It can even improve your store’s vibe as it brings economical update to the surroundings. Scent can also create a desire for a certain product. This is especially true for restaurants and cafes. Moreover, scent you can also make a desire for a certain product. For instance, the smell of brewed coffee or baked cupcakes can trigger a customer’s cravings or even get them hungry.

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