Click & Modem Business – How the Business Landscape Has Shifted

As the popularity of remote working continues to rise, many businesses are finding there are several benefits to adopting this office format. More importantly, this working format has given rise to a number of industries all created to help professionals be more productive in the workplace. One of these industries is the virtual office.

The virtual office, a development out of the serviced office industry, leases the use of space to professionals at a much-reduced rate as compared with conventional leasing. The virtual office gives businesses the flexibility of having team members who can essentially work in different locations in an online format. Checkout the Servcorp virtual office in Indonesia to see one type of office fit out. This office format has single handedly changed the way many organisations hire and conduct business.

Keep reading below for more information on the ways in which the business landscape has evolved through the virtual office.



Remote work has forced the traditional collaboration to move from on-site meetings to virtual space. The advent of better technologies has made it possible for team members to communicate at any hour of the day and in different locations. Online, team members can instantly chat, can share documents through file sharing, and can sign important documents. Furthermore, because the online landscape is such a vast resource, team members can virtually access information and talk to experts on any given subject. Essentially, as online tools have improved, companies have been adapted these tools to a more business platform.


Advertising And Public Relations 

Another area that has experienced an evolution is in communications. In the past, when businesses wanted to get the word out about a product or even develop relationships with the populations they wished to serve, they simply went about an exhausting campaign, which involved a lot of print and televised ads. With the advent of the internet and advertising tools, these communications industries have had to become savvier in relating to the public.

For one, the world has become so much smaller as the internet closed the distance between people living in different parts of the world. Businesses find that while there are more opportunities to attract clients they also have to compete with other businesses. The age where pop-ups and other annoying advertisements ruled the internet has been replaced by advertisements that are subtly embedded in links on the website. In addition, click onto any website and many times you can see shorter versions of commercials running in the margins of the page.

Furthermore, social media has made it possible for everyone to become a PR man. In no other way has the online format made one industry so much more accessible. Whether you are a multinational company or a one-man show, you can pretty much manipulate online tools to not only present an image to the public but also develop the valuable relationships needed to translate a brand into sales. For businesses today, the tools to reach out to the public have been made accessible to everyone.


Marketing And Online Metrics

The way businesses perform research also has evolved. Online tools that monitor user activity online has saved businesses a lot of money and time in figuring out how to market products to a population. Furthermore, the business analytics industry has virtually set up the manual for using past data to predict future purchasing choices, and much of this information is drawn from consumer activity online. Essentially, the online platform found a way to not only digitally measure outcomes but quantify information so it is easily digested by business.


Point And Click Potential

The online format has basically transformed businesses today. Not only has it made it possible for businesses of all sizes and types to inexpensively compete on an international scale with conglomerates, but it has also increased productivity. With the virtual office as its infrastructure, team members can tackle projects more efficiently and deliver products quickly. For businesses, the online format has resulted in reducing production costs while increasing the potential for earnings.







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