3 Mobile Business Ideas for Detroit, Michigan

The Detroit city of Michigan, USA is one of the historical cities with an amazing future. The city has numerous opportunities for businesses to flourish and accommodate. The Detroit also act as a commercial bonding between Canada and USA that increases much more chances for businesses in the city.

The city airport is one of the busiest in States and also considered as the country hub. One main factor that also adds a lot to the business opportunities is the “Detroit River” passing through the city, which provides number of water linked businesses. The city has the second number after Chicago as the economical hub with a home to number of companies.

Now coming to the business opportunities in Detroit, there can be literally hundreds; but let’s have a look at some of the best mobile businesses that can be started in the city.

1- Mobile Disk Jockey:

The city hosts number of events throughout the year and no event is complete without some music. If you have some good taste for music and have a good music collection, you can buy equipments and can start your business as mobile disk jockey. It can be a profitable business for you as there are always some happenings in the city.

2- Mobile Restaurant:

If you have love for cooking and have some good taste in your hand or you a foodie, you can share this cooking passion with your customers. Starting a mobile restaurant can be more long lasting because the food never goes out of customers.

3- Mobile Bicycle Selling/Repair Shop:

Detroit is an eco-friendly city and cycling is promoted here a lot and it is considered as a healthy activity. You can open a bicycle shop and deal in new as well as old shops, but a mobile or on demand bike repair would be simply awesome. And yes, you can always hire a bicycle mechanic to add repairing facility at your shop.

The Bottom Line:

Most of the inhabitants of the Detroit city are the young professionals belonging to different backgrounds that are helpful for you to get diverse customer base, so think out of the box and you can surely make huge profits.

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