Why People Choose Grab Over Taxi Service?

The Grab App is the ride-service app that will allow you to go only in the website and complete the forms to book a ride in the Grab Company while the Socar/Taxi/Rental is a sharing app that has many processes before you book a car with a limited amount of you can use it.

Reasons to Choose the Grab Over Taxi

For you to be satisfied with the services offered of a certain app, you need to be careful in choosing the app that can make you feel at ease. The following are the reasons to make you keep on choosing the Grab over the taxi/rental car:


In the Grab, you can simply book into the platform while Taxi/Socar/Rental will allow you to book a car to use, but you need to follow a lot of processes.

Process in Booking

You need to visit the platform of the Grab, fill-out the form and use the two-way payment method such as paying credit card or cash. While in Socar/Rental, you need to download the Socar application, upload the passport pictures so that you can easily identify and you must have the membership licensed and select the vehicle you want.


The Grab has no exact limit in using until you arrive at your destination so you will feel relax along the ride while the Socar/Taxi/Rental has a limit to be used like for about 4,6 or 8 hours and you will park the car where you get it exactly so you will feel stress.


In the Grab, you will have the companion, which is your professional Grab driver while in the Socar, you will be alone along the ride.

The Features of the Grab and Socar

Quality of App. The Grab is the most popular since it has the good reputation because of its excellent services provide to the passenger while the Socar has no improvements since it has a  long process in just booking and it is costly.

Safety. In Grab, the Grab drivers are professional and have the 5 rating star from the passenger they accompanied to their destinations while in Socar, you are the only one who will pick up, a driver under time-pressured and drop off.

Traffic Conditions. You will be able to feel at ease while you are inside the car if there is traffic while I the Socar, you will waste more hours because you just rent the car, so it has the time-limit. In the rental car, you need to return the car before the times up because there is another person who will use the car.

Convenience. In Grab, you have a clean car to use, and you have the driver so that you will not be exhausted in reaching your destinations while in the rental car, the car has dust and foul odor that can cause you to trigger your stress hormones.

The Grab is popular, unlike the Rental because of the fantastic features and the excellent services that it will provide you to have the best ride to reach your destinations. There are numbers of people who want to become Grab driver as part time driver because of its income potential.

has the most function because they will give you a ride safely and smoothly.

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