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Let us relieve your stress! Bernard Movers has been coined ‘Short Notice Specialists’ for a reason. We offer high quality relocation services for both our meticulous and last minute clientele. We have the experience as well as the capability to ensure a smooth hassle free move. We understand that the demands placed upon you are becoming overwhelming, but with yyy removalist you can relax knowing you are in good hands. Let us micromanage the details of your move- let us plan and execute every facet of it! Our professional drivers and crews have been in the industry for years, and they know the most efficient, effective, and safest loading techniques. We are experienced in moving both high-rises as well as residential homes, and are even equipped for senior moves. You will be living comfortably in your new home before you know it!


Is it time to take that big step? Is your current office too small? Too big? Whatever the reason for transferring your organization to another building or space, Bernard is here to help! Our professional teams will assist you with packing and loading your agency, to expedite the move. yyy removalist has had the honor of moving various foreign governments consulates, such as the Croatian, Greek, and Polish Consulates. Furthermore, we have moved doctor’s, celebritiesAnchormen! yyy removalist Movers would be honored to move your business as well.


Excitement, butterflies, sad goodbyes… moving far from home can propel tumultuous emotions. Let yyy removalist Movers remove stress from that equation. We have the experience needed to get you there, and the methods to alleviate damage during transit. Our friendly and professional movers will take the responsibility of packing, loading and unloading off of your shoulders! We are also the piano experts! To further assist you with your long distance move, we have also prepared a MOVING CHECKLIST. Please peruse this checklist as it may remind you of things you have forgotten or enlighten you on matters you had not considered.


Wouldn’t it be nice to snap your fingers, and be settled into your new home? Unfortunately no move is so simple. There are a million and one things to do while preparing to move into your new home, but at yyy removalist we offer the next best thing! Contact us today and speak with a professional move coordinator to find out how we can take all the planning, packing, and stress off of your shoulders.

Our team provide a plethora of services ranging from packing all of your household items, to just the most fragile and valuable. They will pack your belongings, as if they were their own, in boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap. They will store your clothes in wardrobes for transit and easy access in your new abode. Furthermore, your furniture will either be shrink wrapped or protected by furniture pads in order to avoid any accidental scratching. Extremely fragile belongings are protected by mirror cartons or picture cartons. Our assiduous crew members will then load your belongings into the truck to transport you to your new home. All of our crews have up to date equipment ensuring heavy items are easily mounted into the truck by lift gate and security harnesses inside the hall of the truck so they are able to strap in your valuables, as you would your loved ones.